Code of Ethics


Corporate Governance

At Luthra we are not just concerned about doing business, but also on how we manage our business processes to create a positive impact on society. The group strives for excellence in our corporate governance practices. We continually evaluate our processes and implement procedures designed to maintain strong and ethical governance and operation standards. In doing so ,we strive to manage the group according to the highest principles of responsibility and integrity.

We, the Luthra group of companies, have reviewed the way we conduct business in the light of structural changes in the social and economic systems, within which we and other companies operate, the rapid internationalization of business and corporate social responsibility.

Accordingly, we have determined and articulated the following principles as our Corporate Ethics Policy, to ensure that the group companies will continue to earn the public trust as companies of benefit to society and thereby continue to prosper.

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Environment Betterment

The Luthra Group has a clear and dedicated commitment to continually improve our environmental management.The group is committed to protecting human health and the environment. This commitment is a keystone of all that we do, reflected in the services we provide to customers, the design and operation of our facilities, the conditions under which employees work, and our interactions with communities where we live and do business.

The following environmental, health, and safety principles are applicable to all our Company operations world-wide:

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Research & Development

With the best of technology and business acumen, the Luthra group, in keeping with its comprehensive management policy is spear-headed to become a “Unique and Specialty Company”. The focus of our research has been on development of innovative production technologies to strengthen our core competencies in the field of textiles, environment, knowledge & infrastructure. Our basic policies regarding R&D are realization of the management for substantial profits and growth by acceleration of the development capacities and efficiency of commercially feasible technologies.

For the purpose of greater efficiency and accelerated development, we have implemented a technology development assessment system for selection and concentration of research projects. In addition, in order to concentrate resources and enhance responsiveness, we have reorganized our R&D structure to allow for more robust R&D activities.Furthermore, we have expanded the technical domains by vigorously taking advantage of technical outsourcing, including joint research with industrial, administrative sectors and academia to keep up with the times promptly.

With these R&D activities, Luthra Group develops original technologies in good harmonization with the advances in technology and preservation of the environment. We aim to grow into a globally competitive company with an individual style and a very definite presence.

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